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Frequently Asked Questions

If you never seem to have enough time to clean your home, and only perform a surface clean, then you need to hire a professional house cleaning service like JG Cleaning Service if you reside in or around the Bakersfield, CA area? Further details on our services can be obtained by reading our frequently asked questions post now.

Would you tell me some more about what your services have to offer?

We first established our company back in 2018, but do not be fooled; we bring more than 5 years of experience to each and every job we take on. In order for us to do our work to the highest quality, we only use the best products, supplies, tools, and equipment, which is evident in every cleaning job that we complete. We offer numerous services that we have highlighted in this post.

Will I be able to obtain a free estimate before I make a decision?

Of course, you will, and shop around and compare our prices with others in the area. You will come to the conclusion pretty quickly that our prices and services are hard to match.

What days are you available for work?

Every day, in order to meet our client’s varied needs, we work every day from 8 am to 6 pm; that is how dedicated we are to our clients.

Will you travel out of the Bakersfield, CA area?

The maximum radius we will travel to a client is between 30-40 miles. Should you think that your area is within this radius, please use the number listed at the end of this post and ask us.

Do you offer any emergency services?

Yes, we do, and if needed we will work 24/7; further details on this are available upon request.

So, what other services were you referring to earlier?

Please read the following:

  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • House Sanitation
  • Apartment Sanitation
  • Office Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning Services
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Clinic Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Emergency Cleaning Services

If you need any further clarification on any of these, please do not hesitate to call us and ask.

What about discounts?

We offer 5% to all new clients, and 10% to our seniors and brave military personnel.

Are your services licensed to work in this area?

We sure are, and insured; we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all our work.

Do you only deal with cash transactions?

Of course not, we take checks and most of the brand name credit cards.

Tell me more about your sanitation services?

No problem, because your hygiene and health greatly depend on how clean your home is, we will come and remove the likes of mold, mildew, stubborn stains, grime, and dust.

Well, we need to get back to work now, so we will draw out frequently asked questions article to a close here, and hope any questions you had were answered to your satisfaction? If you are looking for a professional house cleaning service, call JG Cleaning Service first at (831) 223-9130, and leave the hard work to us, so you are free to sit back and enjoy your free time.

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