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What We Offer

Did you know that your untidy home can make you sick? The dirt you see around may have a physical and psychological impact on you. Engage JG Cleaning Service in your cleaning chores without hesitation and you will love the final results. Our company is located in Bakersfield, CA and provides:

House Sanitation

Your overall hygiene and health depend on the cleanliness of your home. Improve your health and mood by booking our house cleaning services on a regular basis. Get rid of the annoying dust, grime, blemishes, and mold. We serve houses and apartments of any size.

Office Cleaning

House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service

If you want to improve your employees’ health and productivity, hire our team for impeccable cleaning services. Our cleaners will arrive to make your work environment inviting and healthy. We will remove the piles of trash and take care of the dirt and dust on your carpets, furniture, office equipment, and more.

Restaurant Cleaning

If you don’t keep your restaurant neat, you face the serious threat of closing down your business. Our team has the experience and skills to keep your establishment sparkling clean with our advanced tools and equipment. We will come to you to eliminate dirt, dust, mold, and grease from your kitchen appliances, floors, furniture, and more. With our professional services, you can even make your business more popular.

Clinic Cleaning

The cleaning of medical facilities requires specialized equipment and skills and our staff has them. In our career, we have cleaned many doctors’ and dental offices, surgeries, etc. We already have a plan to improve the hygiene and sanitize of your clinic. We know how to treat floors, special medical equipment and furnishing, and more.

Post-Construction Cleanup

You can hire JG Cleaning Service for post-construction cleanups as well. When the building process is over, we will come to the site to remove junk and take care of the cleanliness of the structure. Our experts will make sure your building is ready for business. We will thoroughly clean the floors, windows, walls, and other surfaces and fixtures so that you can start welcoming your clients.

If your property is located in the Bakersfield, CA proximity and you need professional sanitation, make sure you call our technicians at (831) 223-9130. Our company won’t let you down.

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